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Creating insurance programs tailored for each client’s unique requirement.

Antonio A. Maldonado Arroyo


With 34 years of experience in the insurance business.

Email address: antonio@amaldonadoinsurance.com
Telephone Number: (787) 509-0292
Office Number: (787) 753-0501

Mayra Ortiz

Benefits Department Manager

Over 10 years of experience

Email address: mayra@amaldonadoinsurance.com
Office Number:
(787) 753-0501

Shellymarie Alequin

Propiedad y Contingencia

With 15 years of experience.

Email address: salequin@amaldonadoinsurance.com
Office Number: (787) 753-0501

Roberto Maldonado


Leila Garay

Propiedad y Contingencia

With 25 years of experience.

Email address:
Office Number: (787) 753-0501

Expertise and Qualifications

Our reliable staff is experienced in Property/Casualty, Automobile, Construction, Bonds, Aviation, Marine, D&O/EPL, Employee Benefits and Life Insurance. We serve the following industries with customized products and services: Accountants, Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, Aviation, Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Habitational, Healthcare, Collection Agencies, Law Firms, Marine, Non-Profits, Public Entity, Public Private Partnerships (PPA), Real Estate, Restaurant, Shopping Centers, Telecommunication, Transportation.

Risk Management- A. Maldonado & Associates, Inc. as a responsible corporation has the compromise to provide loss control services to our Insured’s by enforcement of the Risk Management Process.

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Our team is highly focused and motivated on designing, implementing and placing cost effective insurance programs that are tailored made for each client’s unique requirement.